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All you need to know about Tokyo Tower opening hours


Open 9am–10:30pm

Last Admission


Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is open year-round, so you can plan your visit any time, even on public holidays.

Jan 1 TO Dec 31 Timings

Days (Jan 1 TO Dec 31)

TIMINGSLast Admission
Monday (Today)9:00am–10:30pm 9:30pm
Tuesday 9:00am–10:30pm 9:30pm
Wednesday 9:00am–10:30pm 9:30pm
Thursday 9:00am–10:30pm 9:30pm
Friday 9:00am–10:30pm 9:30pm
Saturday 9:00am–10:30pm 9:30pm
Sunday 9:00am–10:30pm 9:30pm
Tokyo Tower
  • Main Deck (150 meters): Open daily from 9am to 10:30pm
  • Top Deck (250 meters): 9am to 10:15pm daily.

Last entry: To ensure enough time to fully enjoy the view, the last entry for both the Main Deck and Top Deck is 30 minutes before closing time.

Tokyo Tower tickets

Tokyo Tower opening hours

Tokyo Tower

General timings: Tokyo Tower welcomes visitors from 9 AM to 10:30 PM, offering breathtaking views of the city both day and night.

Last admission: Last entry to the Tower is at 10 PM, ensuring guests have ample time to enjoy the experience.

Night hours: Experience Tokyo Tower’s magic after dark, open until 10 PM for night-time visitors.

Tokyo Tower facilities timings

Restaurants - Tokyo Tower


  • Café La Tour: At Café La Tour, indulge in the specially crafted Arabiki Sausage and delicious hotdogs, perfected with the natural essence of Mt. Aso. Don't miss the smooth soft ice cream, renowned for its lingering, delightful taste. 
  • Timings: 9:30 AM to 9:30 PM
Tokyo Tower - Shopping


  • TOKYO TOWER OFFICIAL SHOP THE SKY - Managed directly by Tokyo Tower, the exclusive retail outlet TOKYO TOWER OFFICIAL SHOP THE SKY offers a diverse collection of approximately 300 unique items. This range includes an array of merchandise featuring “The Noppon Brothers,” Tokyo Tower's charming mascots, as well as intricately crafted miniature models of Tokyo Tower itself.
  • Timings: 9 AM to 10 PM

Best Time to Visit Tokyo Tower

Tourist taking photo of city from the observation deck of Tokyo tower

Peak Season vs Low Season

Tokyo, a city of vivid contrasts, offers different experiences throughout the year. During cherry blossom season in spring and autumn foliage, the city is at its busiest, adding Tokyo Tower visits with an extra layer of beauty. Winter and late summer, marked by fewer tourists, promise a more serene experience, lowering costs and wait times.

Couple looking at the view at night from Tokyo Tower, Tokyo

Weekday vs Weekend

Weekends at Tokyo Tower buzz with energy but also attract larger crowds. For a quieter visit, consider a weekday, preferably in the morning or late evening, to avoid peak hours.

How long should I spend at Tokyo Tower?

Generally, allocating around 2-3 hours is advisable to fully explore and appreciate the tower. This duration includes time spent at the observatories, where you can soak in the panoramic views of Tokyo, and at the FootTown building at the base, which houses museums, restaurants, and shops. If your interest lies in a thorough exploration, including leisurely enjoying the dining options and shopping, you might want to extend your visit accordingly. Each floor offers unique attractions, from historical exhibits to interactive experiences, so consider prioritizing based on your interests.

Frequently asked questions about Tokyo Tower opening hours

Is Tokyo Tower open every day?

Yes, Tokyo Tower welcomes visitors every day, offering an unmissable Tokyo experience.

When is Tokyo Tower closed?

Tokyo Tower is open year-round, with no regular days of closure.

How long should I spend at Tokyo Tower?

To fully enjoy Tokyo Tower, plan for a 2-3 hour visit.

What is the best time to visit Tokyo Tower?

The best time is weekdays, either in the morning or late evening, to avoid the crowds.

Is Tokyo Tower open on public holidays?

Yes, Tokyo Tower is open on public holidays, providing a festive atmosphere.

Should I visit Tokyo Tower on a public holiday?

Visiting on a public holiday can be enjoyable, but expect larger crowds.

What are the Tokyo Tower opening hours for public holidays?

The opening hours on public holidays are the same as regular days, 9 AM to 10:30 PM.

Does Tokyo Tower have extended opening hours during specific seasons or events?

Tokyo Tower may extend its opening hours during certain seasons or for special events, offering visitors extra time to enjoy its attractions.