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Tokyo Tower | Japan's beloved symbol of modernity and tradition

Tokyo is a city where ancient temples stand alongside towering skyscrapers. Among its myriad attractions, Tokyo Tower stands out. It's not just a towering structure; it's a symbol of Japan's post-war resurgence and innovation. Visitors flock here not only for its historic significance but also for the views it offers of Tokyo's vast skyline. Get ready to explore Tokyo Tower and discover why it's a cornerstone of Tokyo's allure.

Why visit Tokyo Tower?

Tokyo Tower at night
  • Architectural marvel: Tokyo Tower, inspired by Paris' Eiffel Tower, stands as a striking example of Japan's architectural ingenuity, blending modern design with traditional aesthetics.
  • Historical significance: More than just a city landmark, it symbolizes Japan's post-war resurgence and advancement, holding a special place in the nation's heart.
  • Panoramic views: Offering unparalleled views from its observation decks, visitors can gaze over Tokyo's vast, ever-changing skyline, making it a photographer's dream.
  • Cultural hub: The tower is not just for sightseeing; it's a cultural center featuring unique exhibitions, events, and a glimpse into Japanese pop culture.
  • Unique souvenirs and cuisine: The surrounding area offers exclusive Tokyo Tower-themed souvenirs and a taste of local cuisine, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Accessibility and family-friendly: Easily accessible and catering to all ages, it provides an enjoyable and educational experience for everyone.

Which Tokyo Tower ticket is best for you?

Tokyo Tower neighbourhood, Tokyo

If you're a first-time visitor

Duration: Flexible

Guide: Self-guided

  • This ticket is perfect for first-timers, offering access to the Main Observatory for sweeping views of Tokyo and, on clear days, Mount Fuji.
  • The observatory's surrounding shops and restaurants enhance the experience, making it a comprehensive introduction to Tokyo's charm.

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Tokyo Tower and Subway combo

If you're exploring Tokyo

Go for: Combo: Tokyo Tower + 24-Hour Tokyo Subway Tickets

Duration: 1 day

Guide: Self-guided

  • This combo is ideal for travelers looking to explore Tokyo extensively, combining Tokyo Tower's views with unlimited subway access.
  • The 24-hour subway ticket is a cost-effective way to navigate the city, ensuring you can visit multiple attractions in a day.

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If you're seeking entertainment

Duration: Flexible

Guide: Self-guided

  • RED° TOKYO TOWER offers an interactive experience with VR/AR games and esports, perfect for families or groups seeking fun activities.
  • The inclusion of retro games and modern attractions makes it a unique blend of nostalgia and cutting-edge entertainment.

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Tickets to Tokyo Tower + Sky Hop Bus

If you want comprehensive city tour

Duration: 1 or 2 days

Guide: Audio guide

  • This combo provides a broad view of Tokyo with a hop-on-hop-off bus tour and Tokyo Tower access, ideal for those wanting a thorough city exploration.
  • The multi-route bus pass and multilingual audio guide offer a flexible and informative way to discover Tokyo's highlights.

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Family enjoying in Joypolis, Tokyo

If you're an adventure seeker

Duration: Flexible

Guide: Self-guided

  • Adventure enthusiasts will love this combo, featuring Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Joypolis, Japan’s largest indoor theme park.
  • The ticket offers a mix of panoramic views and thrilling attractions, including high-speed rides and interactive games.

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Discounted Tokyo Tower tickets

  • Young adults (16-18 years), children (7-15 years) and infants (4-6 years) are eligible for discounted tickets. 
  • You can save up to 22% on the ‘Tokyo Tower + Tokyo Joypolis’ combo tickets.
  • You can save up to 5% on the ‘Tokyo Tower + Sky Hop Bus: 1 or 2-Day Hop-On Hop-Off Tour of Tokyo’ combo tickets. 

Cancelation policy

  • These tickets can't be canceled or rescheduled.

Tokyo Tower highlights

The lit up observation deck of Kyoto Tower after sunset

Main observatory

Gaze at Tokyo's skyline and spot landmarks like Mount Fuji on clear days from 150 meters up. This observatory offers a unique perspective, blending urban vistas with natural beauty.

View from Kyoto Tower

Top deck

Experience a breathtaking 360-degree view of Tokyo from 250 meters. The Top Deck's digital telescopes add an interactive element to your viewing experience.

Tokyo One Piece Tower


A four-story building at the tower's base, offering museums, restaurants, and unique Tokyo Tower souvenirs. It's a hub of activity, perfect for family-friendly exploration and dining.

Tokyo tower at night

Tower lights

Witness the tower's illumination, a nightly spectacle where it lights up in seasonal colors and patterns. These illuminations are often themed, reflecting holidays, events, and the Japanese seasons.

Live music at Club 333

Club 333

Enjoy live performances and music events at this exclusive spot, enhancing your visit with cultural flair. The club offers a dynamic atmosphere, combining sightseeing with entertainment.

Mother and son at an aquarium

Aquarium gallery

A compact yet enchanting aquarium at the tower's base, showcasing diverse marine life in artistic settings. The gallery is a tranquil escape, perfect for unwinding after ascending the tower.

VR Zone at Tokyo Tower

VR Zone

Dive into virtual reality experiences that transport you to fantastical worlds, right within the tower. It's a modern twist to the visit, blending technology with entertainment.

A lady making a wax statue

Tokyo Tower Wax Museum

Meet lifelike wax figures of famous personalities, adding a touch of Hollywood in Tokyo. The museum provides a fun and surreal encounter with celebrity lookalikes.

Plan your visit to Tokyo Tower

Getting there
Visitor tips
Tokyo tower Timings
  • Main Deck (150m):
    Open Hours: 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM
    Last Admission: 10:00 PM
  • Top Deck Tour (150m & 250m):
    Open Hours: 9:00 AM to 10:15 PM
    Last Tour: Between 9:30 PM and 9:45 PM

Closed On: Tokyo Tower is open year-round, including holidays.

Best Time To Visit: For fewer crowds and a more pleasant experience, early mornings or late evenings are recommended. The golden hours of sunrise or sunset offer stunning views, making these times ideal for photography and less crowded visits

Getting to Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower location: 4-chōme-2-8 Shibakōen, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0011, Japan. Find on maps.

How to get there:

By Subway:

  • Mita Line: Disembark at Onarimon Station.
  • Hibiya Line: Stop at Kamiyacho Station.
  • Oedo Line: Akabanebashi Station is your destination.
  • The tower is about a five-minute walk from each of these stations.

By Train: JR Yamanote Line - Get off at Hamamatsucho Station, from where it's a 15-minute walk to the tower.

Tokyo Tower is easily accessible via these public transport routes, making it convenient for visitors to reach this iconic landmark.

Tokyo Tower Entrances
  • Tokyo Tower primarily has a main entrance located at the base of the tower, which leads to FootTown, a four-story building directly underneath the tower. 
  • FootTown houses various facilities including museums, restaurants, and shops. 
  • The entrances to the observation decks, including the Main Deck and the Top Deck, are located within FootTown. 
  • Visitors typically access the tower through this main entrance to explore the different attractions and amenities that Tokyo Tower offers
Couple looking at the view at night from Tokyo Tower, Tokyo
  • Observation decks: Main Deck and Top Deck offering panoramic views of Tokyo.
  • FootTown: A four-story complex under the tower with various attractions.
  • Restaurants and cafés: Diverse dining options available within FootTown.
  • Souvenir shops: Offering unique Tokyo Tower-themed merchandise.
  • Museums and galleries: Including historical exhibits and interactive installations.
  • Elevators and stairs: For access to observation decks, with stairs offering an alternative way to climb.
  • Accessibility features: Including wheelchair accessibility and rental services.
  • Public restrooms: Available at various points within the tower complex.
A person cooking Okonomiyaki

Tokyo Tower restaurants: Several dining options in FootTown, offering Japanese and international cuisine.

Near Tokyo Tower, you can find a variety of dining options, offering different cuisines and menu options:

  • Teppanya Benbe Mita: Specializes in Teppanyaki cuisine with dishes like Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki.
  • Terrace Dining TANGO: Offers Italian cuisine with outdoor seating.
  • RISTORANTE La Ciau: Serves authentic Piemonte cuisine from Italy.
  • Trattoria Serana: Features cuisine from the Tuscany region with homemade sausage and organic vegetables.
  • Japanese Restaurant SEIZAN: Traditional Japanese restaurant known for its dashi broth and Sukiyaki with Cubed Steak Fillet.
Rules at Tokyo Tower
  • Respect the space : Visitors should take care not to damage any part of the tower or its exhibits.
  • Following instructions: Adhering to any guidance provided by signs or staff, particularly regarding safety and operational procedures.
  • Pet policy: Generally, pets are not allowed, with the exception of service animals.
  • Smoking restrictions: Smoking is usually limited to designated areas.
  • Outside food/drink: Bringing in external food and beverages might be restricted.
  • Photography: There may be limitations on photography, especially for commercial purposes.
  • Behavioral expectations: Visitors are expected to behave appropriately and keep noise levels considerate.
  • Facility use: Specific rules might apply for using various features like observation decks.
Visitor tips
  • Ticket options: Explore different ticket types, like the Main Deck or Top Deck tour, to find the best fit for your interests.
  • Sunset views: Plan to visit during sunset for spectacular views of the city.
  • FootTown exploration: Allocate time to explore FootTown at the tower's base for dining and shopping.
  • Photography: The tower offers great photo ops, especially from the Top Deck. Bring a camera for panoramic city shots.
  • Avoid crowds: Visit early morning or late evening to avoid crowds and enjoy a more relaxed experience.
  • Weather check: Keep an eye on the weather forecast; clear days offer the best visibility for distant views, like Mount Fuji.
  • Neighborhood exploration: After your visit, explore nearby attractions in the Minato district for a full day of activities.

Frequently asked questions about Tokyo Tower tickets

What are the ticket options for Tokyo Tower?

There are various ticket options that include access to the Main Deck and the Top Deck. There are also various combo tickets that are available.

Can I change the date or time of my Tokyo Tower tickets?

Once purchased, the dates and times of the tickets cannot be changed. A new ticket must be purchased.

How long should I spend at Tokyo Tower?

The duration of your visit can vary, but generally, you should allocate about 1 to 2 hours to fully enjoy the observatory decks and the surrounding facilities.

What is the best time to visit Tokyo Tower for the best views?

The best time for panoramic views is during sunset. This offers stunning views of the cityscape in beautiful golden hues, making it ideal for photography.

Are pets allowed inside Tokyo Tower?

Pets are not allowed inside Tokyo Tower, except for service animals like guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs.

Can I bring my own food and drinks to Tokyo Tower?

Visitors are not allowed to bring their own food and drinks inside Tokyo Tower. However, there are many dining options available in the area.

Is there a dress code for visiting Tokyo Tower?

There is no specific dress code for Tokyo Tower, but it's recommended to wear comfortable attire suitable for the weather and walking.

Are there any age restrictions for visiting Tokyo Tower?

There are no age restrictions for visiting Tokyo Tower, and it is wheelchair accessible, making it a suitable attraction for all ages.

Is it possible to visit Tokyo Tower during bad weather?

Tokyo Tower remains open during most weather conditions. However, certain areas like the Top Deck may close in severe weather, such as high winds or heavy snow.

Is it worth visiting Tokyo Tower?

Yes, Tokyo Tower is worth visiting for its unique blend of cultural significance and stunning panoramic views of Tokyo. The tower's lighting, designed by Ishii Shogo, changes with the seasons, adding a captivating element to the visit.