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TokyoTeamLab Planets Tokyo

teamLab Planets | A surreal universe of digital art and sensory experiences

Welcome to Tokyo, a city where tradition seamlessly melds with modernity, crafting a unique and captivating tapestry of sights and experiences. Nestled within this vibrant metropolis is teamLab Planets, an immersive art installation that promises a journey unlike any other. Far from a conventional art museum, TeamLab Planets is an otherworldly realm where the lines between art and reality blur. Step inside and prepare to be enchanted by its immense beauty.

This attraction has become a must-visit for both art enthusiasts and the simply curious. Through its innovative use of technology and interactive exhibits, teamLab Planets invites you to become a part of the art itself.

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As we guide you through the top experiences, prepare to have your senses ignited and your imagination set free. Here’s a curated list of the eight must-see exhibits that promise to leave you in awe and transform your perception of art.

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TeamLab Planets Tickets
TeamLab Planets Tickets

teamLab Planets Location: The address is 6 Chome-1-16 Toyosu, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0061, Japan. Find on maps

How to get there:

  • By train: Take the Yurikamome Line and get off at Shin-Toyosu Station. It's a simple and scenic 5-minute stroll from there.
  • By bus: Buses 05, 07, and 08 from Tokyo Station will get you there. Alight at the Toyosu Station and it's a short walk from there.
  • By car: From Central Tokyo, you'll want to head southeast on the Shuto Expressway towards Toyosu. Take Exit 9 onto Harumi-dori Avenue. Continue straight, then turn left onto Toyosu-dori Avenue. A few blocks down, you'll see the dazzling digital facade of teamLab Planets on your right.
TeamLab Planets Tickets
  • Lockers: Spacious lockers to store your belongings securely.
  • Clothing: Complimentary shorts are available for experiences involving water.
  • Babycare: Baby nursing rooms offer privacy and comfort for nursing parents.
  • Lounge: Resting areas are available for when you need to take a break and digest the artistic overload.
  • Restrooms: Clean restrooms are available throughout TeamLab Planets for your convenience. 
  • Footwear: Shoe storage is available for visitors as some installations require barefoot exploration to fully experience the interactive flooring.
  • Language Accessibility: The information points and exhibit details are available in multiple languages, including English, for non-Japanese speakers to enjoy a seamless visit.
  • Lost and Found: In case you misplace something during your visit, there's a lost and found desk where you can check for your lost items.
TeamLab Planets Tickets
  • The entire facility is wheelchair accessible.
  • Wheelchair-friendly restrooms ensure everyone’s comfort.
  • Stroller-friendly pathways for families with young children are available.
  • Elevators are available for easy navigation between different levels.
  • Assistance dogs are allowed, ensuring visually impaired visitors don't miss out on the fun.
TeamLab Planets Tickets
  • teamLab Planets Café: Features light snacks and refreshments. Try their signature matcha latte!
  • Senkai Sushi (5-minute walk): Offers a variety of sushi options. The 'Omakase' course is a must-try.
  • Grill Manten-Boshi (8-minute walk): Famous for its delicious burgers and steaks.
  • T's TanTan (10-minute walk): A vegan paradise offering Japanese-style curry and ramen.
  • Yona Yona Beer Works (15-minute walk): Offers unique craft beers and delectable bar food.
TeamLab Planets Tickets
  • No shoes within the experience: Your TeamLab Planets experience will have to be taken barefoot. Don't worry, it'll add to the immersive ambiance.
  • Pets: No pets allowed inside, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  • Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited within the premises.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol consumption is not permitted.
  • Behavior: Do not touch or climb on the digital installations and be respectful of other visitors. It’s a shared experience.
  • Photography: While you're allowed to capture memories on camera, using flash and tripods is prohibited to preserve the immersive experience for everyone.
  • Food and Beverages: Keep your snacks and drinks in the locker as they're not allowed inside the exhibits.
  • Clothing: For water-based exhibits, please be prepared to wade in water up to your knees. Complimentary shorts are provided, but it's wise to wear something you wouldn't mind getting a bit wet!
TeamLab Planets Tickets
  • Wear comfortable clothing that can be easily rolled up for water-based exhibits.
  • Carry waterproof cases for your electronic devices.
  • It's best to visit during weekdays or off-peak hours to avoid crowds.
  • Allot at least 2-3 hours for a complete experience.
  • The environment is dimly lit; people with low vision may need assistance.
  • Download the teamLab app for a more interactive experience, unlocking special features in some installations.
  • Ensure your devices are fully charged to capture the mesmerizing installations in their full glory. There are limited charging points within the premises.
TeamLab Planets Tickets
  • Toyosu Fish Market (0.5 km): An excellent spot to experience the hustle and bustle of Tokyo's seafood industry.
  • Palette Town (3 km): This entertainment complex features shopping, dining, and a giant Ferris wheel.
  • Odaiba Seaside Park (3.5 km): Offers stunning views of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Bay.
  • Miraikan (3 km): Japan's National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation is just a short ride away.
  • VenusFort (3 km): This Venice-inspired shopping mall is a unique destination for retail therapy.

Frequently asked questions about teamLab Planets tickets

Is it worth visiting teamLab Planets?

Absolutely! It's a unique digital-art sensory extravaganza you won't forget.

What are the ticket options for teamLab Planets?

Currently, only standard entry tickets and various combo tickets are available.

Can I buy tickets on-site at teamLab Planets?

Yes, but online booking is recommended to secure your time slot.

Do they offer any discounts for students at teamLab Planets?

Yes, there are student discounts. You would just need to show a valid student ID.

Are there guided tours available?

No, the experience is self-guided to allow personal exploration.

How long should I spend at teamLab Planets?

Expect to immerse yourself in the magic for around 2-3 magical hours.

What are the opening hours?

teamLab Planets operates from 9 AM to 10 PM.

When is the best time to visit teamLab Planets?

Weekday mornings are typically less crowded, making it a great time.

What is the best time of the year for a teamLab Planets visit?

teamLab Planets is designed for year-round enjoyment, with exhibits changing seasonally. However, since it's indoors, it's a great choice during Tokyo's hot, humid summers or chilly winters.

Is teamLab Planets accessible by public transport?

Yes, it's easily reachable via train if you take the Yurikamome Line to Toyosu Station. You can also take buses 05, 07, and 08 from the Tokyo Station.

What should I wear for a visit to TeamLab Planets?

Comfortable clothing. Some exhibits involve water, so prepare to get a bit wet!

Can I bring my camera to teamLab Planets?

Yes, but remember, flash and tripods are prohibited.

Are there lockers available at teamLab Planets?

Yes, there are spacious lockers that are available for storing your belongings.

Can I bring my pet to teamLab Planets?

Pets are not allowed at teamLab Planets, except for certified assistance dogs.