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Dive into Digital Adventure: A Comprehensive Guide to Joypolis Rides

Welcome to Joypolis, the ultimate nexus where gaming and reality merge! Located in the dazzling Odaiba area of Tokyo, this indoor amusement park promises an adrenaline rush like no other. From VR attractions, arcade games, to interactive simulations, Joypolis guarantees an unforgettable digital experience. But the real game-changers? The thrilling rides and attractions! Dive into this guide as we unlock the high-octane fun of Joypolis' rides, blurring the lines between the virtual and real.

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Joypolis Rides

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Joypolis Rides and Attractions

Joypolis Rides

Sonic Athletics

Race against the clock and friends in this exhilarating treadmill game featuring the world's most famous hedgehog! Feel the wind rush past as you reach top speeds, all the while guided by Sonic himself.

Joypolis Rides

Halfpipe Tokyo

Embrace your inner skateboarder! Perform spins and tricks on a large-scale halfpipe, competing against friends or striving for personal bests.

Joypolis Rides

Gekion Live Coaster

Japan's pioneering multi-sensory coaster, Gekion Live Coaster melds roller coaster thrills with a dynamic music game. As you navigate its twists, you'll hit targets in sync with the beat, transforming your ride into a rhythmic adventure.

Joypolis Rides

Spicy Taxi

Jump into Spicy Taxi's futuristic world! Play as a taxi driver navigating neon-lit streets, dodging obstacles, and competing with rivals. Its blend of driving and flight simulation ensures a ride packed with excitement.

Joypolis Rides


Fasten your seatbelts for a futuristic bobsled experience. Rotate 360 degrees in every direction as you race along a track, feeling every twist, turn, and loop.

Joypolis Rides

Transformers Human Alliance Special

Become a part of the Autobot team and fight against the Decepticons. This immersive shooter ride will have you on the edge of your seat.

Joypolis Rides

Wild Wing

Soar the skies in this gripping flying simulator. Control your flight path, face challenges, and enjoy breathtaking views from the skies.

Joypolis Rides

Wild River - The Treasure Hunt

Brace yourself for a wet and wild adventure! Navigate treacherous waters, avoid obstacles, and hunt for hidden treasure in this thrilling ride.

Restrictions and Warnings for Joypolis Rides

  • Height and Age Restrictions: Some rides at Joypolis may have minimum and maximum height and age requirements. This ensures the safety harnesses fit correctly and the experience is appropriate for the age group.
  • Health and Physical Conditions: Guests with certain medical conditions (like heart problems, high blood pressure, back or neck issues, motion sickness, etc.) may be advised not to participate in some rides.
  • Expectant Mothers: For safety reasons, pregnant individuals might be advised to refrain from taking certain high-intensity or fast-moving rides.
  • Dress Code: Some rides might have specific dress requirements. For example, open-toed shoes or high heels might not be allowed on certain rides.
  • Weight Restrictions: Some rides, especially those involving motion seats or virtual reality components, might have weight limits to ensure the safety mechanisms operate correctly.
  • Intoxication: Guests under the influence of alcohol or drugs might be denied access to rides for their safety and the safety of others.
  • Flash Photography and Recording: Using flash photography or recording devices might be prohibited on certain attractions, especially those that involve theatrical or movie components.
  • Light Sensitivity: Attractions with intense visual effects, strobe lights, or virtual reality might not be suitable for guests with photosensitive epilepsy or similar conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joypolis Rides

Do the rides require additional tokens or fees?

Most rides are included with the admission ticket, but some may require additional tokens.

Is there a height or age limit for the rides?

Most rides have a minimum height requirement. It's always best to check specific ride details.

Are the rides suitable for those with motion sickness?

As these are simulation and VR rides, they may not be suitable for everyone. If prone to motion sickness, proceed with caution.

How busy does Joypolis get on weekends?

Weekends can be quite crowded. It's advisable to visit on weekdays or during off-peak hours for a better experience.

Are there any health restrictions for the rides?

Certain rides may have health advisories. It's crucial to check the guidelines and consult your physician if necessary.

Can I access Joypolis with a wheelchair or mobility device?

Yes, Joypolis is designed to be accessible for everyone. There are specific paths for wheelchairs, and many attractions have accessible options. 

Do I need to know Japanese to enjoy the attractions?

While some attractions are in Japanese, many of the games and experiences are intuitive, and there are also English instructions and signs available for many of the attractions.

Can I leave Joypolis and re-enter on the same day?

Typically, re-entry is allowed on the same day of your visit, but it's always a good idea to keep your ticket and get a re-entry stamp upon exiting.