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Planning Your Visit to TeamLab Planets - A Comprehensive Guide

TeamLab Planets | Visitor Information At A Glance

TeamLab Planets
  • What are the TeamLab Planets opening hours?
    TeamLab Planets is open from 9 AM to 10 PM throughout the week, with last entry at 9 PM.
  • Where is TeamLab Planets located?
    TeamLab Planets is located at 6-chōme-1-16 Toyosu, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0061, Japan. Get directions.
  • How many entrances does TeamLab Planets have?
    TeamLab Planets has two main entrances: North Entrance and South Entrance.
  • How many visitors does TeamLab Planets see per year?
    TeamLab Planets hosts approximately 1.5 million visitors annually.

What are the TeamLab Planets Opening Hours?

Monday to Sunday: 9 AM to 10 PM

Last Entry: The last entry is 1 hour before closing. The rooms will be cleared 30 minutes before closing.

Closure: TeamLab Planets remains open all year round, except for certain maintenance days.

What's The Best Time to Visit TeamLab Planets?

  • The best time to visit TeamLab Planets depends on your preferences. 
  • If you want to avoid the crowds, consider going on a weekday, especially Tuesday or Wednesday. 
  • Mornings are generally less crowded, so an early visit might suit you if you want more space to explore. 
  • Summer months (June to August) can be quite busy due to school vacations, while the fall season (September to November) offers a pleasant experience with fewer tourists. 

TeamLab Planets Location

Address: 6-chōme-1-16 Toyosu, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0061, Japan

Find On Map

TeamLab Planets is located in the vibrant district of Toyosu in Tokyo.

Closest Landmark: Lalaport Toyosu Mall, 200 m away

Getting to TeamLab Planets in Tokyo

With numerous transport options available in Tokyo, you'll have no trouble reaching TeamLab Planets. Here's a quick guide to ease your journey.

TeamLab Planets

By Public Transportation

By Train: The Yurikamome Line is your best bet. Hop on this train to Toyosu Station. From there, it's a mere 5-minute walk to TeamLab Planets.

By Bus: Catch the Toei Bus to either Toyosu-eki or Shijo-mae Station. Each stop is a short stroll away from the digital art museum.

By Subway: The Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line also stops at Toyosu Station. Just like the train, a short 5-minute walk will bring you to the doorstep of TeamLab Planets.

TeamLab Planets

By Car

Decided to hit the road? Don't worry, there's plenty of parking available! You'll find a large parking area at Lalaport Toyosu shopping mall, which is right next to TeamLab Planets.

Parking Facilities

  • There are paid parking facilities at Lalaport Toyosu. Just remember, it can get busy during peak times, so arriving early is a great idea. 
  • For those with special needs, accessible parking spaces are available. Don't forget, Tokyo's a bustling city, so plan your journey in advance, and you'll be immersed in TeamLab Planets' digital magic in no time!

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Know Before You Go To TeamLab Planets

Just like any adventure, a trip to TeamLab Planets comes with its own set of preparations. Here's a rundown of the essential information to help you enjoy your journey to the fullest.

TeamLab Planets
  • Information Desk: Any questions? The helpful staff at the information desk are ready to assist you. Don't forget to pick up the handy guide map to help navigate through the exhibits!
  • Locker Room: Free lockers are available to store your belongings. Just remember, large bags and suitcases aren't allowed, and you'll need to collect your items on the same day.
  • Wi-Fi: Stay connected with free Wi-Fi throughout the premises. Just reconnect whenever you need more browsing time.
  • Phone Chargers: Battery running low? No worries! Phone charging lockers are available for your convenience.
  • Toilets: Restrooms are available at various points and are equipped with baby changing tables.
  • Lost & Found: Misplaced something? Head to the information desk where the staff will gladly assist you.
TeamLab Planets
  • TeamLab Planets strives to make the digital art experience accessible to all. 
  • Entry is free for visitors with disabilities and their companion. 
  • Accessible restrooms are located throughout the venue, and wheelchair-friendly pathways ensure easy navigation. 
  • There are also staff members ready to assist as needed.
TeamLab Planets
  • Shinobazu: Located 1.5 km from TeamLab Planets. Shinobazu is a classic Izakaya (Japanese Pub) known for its welcoming atmosphere and an extensive menu. Experience traditional Japanese dining with highlights including Yakitori (grilled skewers), fresh Sashimi, and a variety of Sake.
  • Hanamaru Udon Toyosu: Located 0.5 km away from TeamLab Planets. This popular Udon noodle shop offers a variety of Udon bowls that are affordable and delicious. Don't miss their signature dishes like "Kamaage Udon" and "Curry Udon".
  • Kushimura Toyosu: Located 1 km away from TeamLab Planets. Kushimura Toyosu serves Yakitori and other grilled dishes in a cozy, traditional setting. Key menu highlights are their "Yakitori Omakase" (chef's selection) and "Kushiyaki Moriawase" (assorted grilled skewers).
  • Ootoya Toyosu Lunlun: Located 0.7 km away from TeamLab Planets. Ootoya is a beloved chain restaurant serving home-style Japanese meals. Standout dishes include "Chicken Katsu Don" (chicken cutlet bowl) and "Yasai Taki" (vegetable hot pot).
TeamLab Planets

Whether you're on a budget or fancy a luxurious stay, Tokyo has a range of accommodations to suit your preferences.

TeamLab Planets
  • Toyosu Fish Market: Located just 0.7 km from TeamLab Planets. This is the world's largest wholesale fish and seafood market, where you can experience a vibrant and authentic side of Japanese cuisine and culture.
  • Gas Science Museum: Only 0.5 km away, this museum offers interactive exhibits and displays about the history and importance of gas energy in modern society.
  • Odaiba Seaside Park: Situated 3.5 km from TeamLab Planets. This man-made beach offers fantastic views of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo skyline. Perfect for a leisurely stroll or picnic.
  • Palette Town: Located 4 km away. A shopping and entertainment complex that includes a giant ferris wheel (Daikanransha), one of the world's largest and offering breathtaking views of the city.

Frequently Asked Questions: Visiting TeamLab Planets in Tokyo

How do I book tickets to visit TeamLab Planets?

You can book tickets to TeamLab Planets online here.

How much does it cost to visit TeamLab Planets?

The cost of a standard adult ticket is 3,800 yen. Please check here for updated prices.

What are the TeamLab Planets opening hours?

TeamLab Planets is open from 9 AM to 10 PM daily.

What is the best time to visit TeamLab Planets?

The best time to visit is on weekdays early in the morning when it's less crowded.

How much time does it take to visit TeamLab Planets?

It takes approximately 2 hours to visit TeamLab Planets.

Can I enter TeamLab Planets once I exit?

No, once you exit the premises, re-entry is not allowed.

Where is TeamLab Planets located?

TeamLab Planets is located at 6 Chome-1-16 Toyosu, Koto City, Tokyo 135-0061, Japan.

What is the best way to get to TeamLab Planets?

The best way to reach TeamLab Planets is by taking the Yurikamome Line to the Toyosu Station and walking for about 5 minutes.

How many entrances are there at TeamLab Planets?

There is only one entrance to TeamLab Planets.

Is TeamLab Planets wheelchair accessible?

Yes, TeamLab Planets is wheelchair accessible.

What are some of the accessibility features in place at TeamLab Planets?

Wheelchair ramps, elevator access, and wheelchair-friendly exhibits are some of the accessibility features that are available.

Is there a dress code to be followed at TeamLab Planets?

No, but it's recommended to wear shorts or pants that can be rolled up as you will be wading through water in some exhibits.

Is photography permitted inside TeamLab Planets?

Yes, photography is permitted but without the use of tripods or flash.

Are strollers/wheelchairs available at TeamLab Planets?

Yes, both strollers and wheelchairs are available for rent.

Can I bring food and drinks to TeamLab Planets?

No, food and drinks are not allowed into TeamLab Planets.